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“Low value content – ​​Your site does not yet meet the criteria of use in the Google publisher network”. For more information, review the following

How To Fix Google AdSense Low-value Content Issue

How To Fix Google AdSense Low-value Content Issue

If you have also encountered Google AdSense low-value content issue, then do not worry! Because today you have come to the right place, today we will talk to you about How to Fix Google AdSense low value content error.

If you have not yet created your blog or there are some shortcomings left in the process of creating a blog, then read this guide once, from which you will learn the complete step by step beginner to advance guide on how to create a WordPress blog.

After creating a blog, you will get your blog monetized. Although there are many ways to earn money from blog, but the most popular one is Google AdSense.

To get approval from Google AdSense in your blog and website, you have to follow some of their guidelines such as:-

You can understand from this Google AdSense approval checklist.

If you have read and completed the Google AdSense checklist given above, then you will get the approval of AdSense in one go.

But if you have already got the error of low value content and thin content, then today we talk about it.

How Do I Solve Google AdSense Low-value Content Issue?

Did you likewise get such a mail when you applied your blog for AdSense and something like this accompanied their answer dismissal.

“Low value content – ​​Your site does not yet meet the criteria of use in the Google publisher network”. For more information, review the following resources:

  • Minimum content requirements
  • Make sure your site has unique high-quality content and a good user experience
  • Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content
  • Webmaster quality guidelines
  • AdSense Program policies

There is nothing to fear, all these errors will be solved, Google itself tells you that you can re-apply by solving the errors of your blogs.

So let's go and first of all we will know that:-

What is Low-value Content?

What is low-value content according to Google AdSense Guideline?

Low value content means writing content on those topics on which a lot of articles have already been published in the internet. Some bloggers take the idea from the articles published in the Internet, after reading them, by changing the format and words, prepare their own content and get it published.

Such content provides low value to the users or does not give any value to the users. In the eyes of Google, this content is considered as low value content and scrap content because the user can take this information from the already published website, your content to the user. No one is giving extra new information or experience.

What are the reasons for low value content issue?

If you want to solve Low Value Content AdSense Problem, then it is very important for you to know what can be the reasons for getting this error. Let us know why you get low value content issue:-


Low value content issue can likewise occur from your specialty, today a large number of sites are distributed day by day and in which there are a few specialties which are exceptionally normal and whose rivalry is definitely in the event that your contributing to a blog specialty is additionally among them, then, at that point, you can likewise run over this issue. Is.

Arrangement: - Whatever Niche you have chosen, work on it as a miniature specialty initially and assuming that you can deal with miniature specialty blog much further then it will be great for your publishing content to a blog achievement.

Write a post on unique content related to the same niche. If you do not publish the article outside your niche, then it will be better to get approval from Adsense.

Low Value or Thin Content

Assuming you are distributing whatever content in your site which isn't unique in relation to other people, just by working on the nature of the current substance somewhat more and you are distributing it in a way that would sound natural to you, then, at that point, this substance doesn't give any worth to the client.

No original content, publishing content by language translation, copying duplicate content, keyword stuffed pages and others' content and writing it in your own words, all these come in low value and thin content.

Solution:- Publish Unique Blog Post?

Number of Blog Post

Some people get this issue because they publish very few blog posts and send them to their blog for Google AdSense approval.

Solution:- Write at least 20 to 25 blog posts.

Low-Value Affiliate Pages

Many bloggers want to get Google AdSense approval on their affiliate blog, but what they do, write about the product they review, copy paste the content from their affiliate programmer's site or write exactly the same. Is .

Google AdSense approval is not available even on such content.

Words Limit

Regardless of whether your blog entry has not very many words limits, you might in any case get the mistake of Google AdSense low worth substance.

Solution:- Publish articles of Min 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 words.

Website Design and navigation

Google is a web search tool for which its client experience matters a great deal in the event that the plan or route of your site isn't right.

And the user needs more than one click to go from one page to another of your blog or he gets confused in finding his search query, then for this reason also you may come across the issue of low value content.

Unused data

Assuming your blog actually has unused information, undesirable things or content distributed, then, at that point, you should eliminate them, for example, :-

Some pages that are of no use

Having Broken Links in Blogs Posts

having an outdated post

How to fix Google AdSense low-value content problem?

Ever since Google launched the Panda algorithm, it has not been very difficult for Google to find low value content and quality content. No matter how smart we consider ourselves, Google will get 4 steps ahead of us.

If you think that by publishing content according to you, you will get ranking in AdSense and SERP, then it is absolutely wrong.

You have to follow the google publishers guideline. Come know how to fix Google AdSense low value content problem? put in

  • Correct the setting of Robot.txt file of your blog.
  • publish unique content
  • fix broken links
  • Delete Unused Data, Pages and Posts
  • Put categories or tags in ko noindex
  • Ahref is a webmaster's free tool, in that once you audit your website, all your website errors will come in front of you, you fix them.
  • Having Broken Link is very harmful for your website, so if you are a WordPress blogger then you can also download a plugin, you will know at once which link in your blog is broken and you can fix it. .
  • Set up the WordPress blog correctly.

These are some small things that stop you from getting Google Adsense approval, so as today we have learned How Do I Solve Google AdSense Low-value Content Issue? How to Solve Low Value Content in Google Adsense?

Many bloggers people have to face this issue today in 2022, if you create a blog in my way, then all your steps will be completed step by step.

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