How to write SEO friendly Article for your Blog

How to write SEO friendly article SEO friendly increases the chances of our website coming on the first rank, so let's understand that such -pixaone

How to write SEO friendly article for Your Blog

How to write SEO friendly article for Your Blog

Hai Friends, If a page of a website has been shown on the first rank of the Google search engine, then it is natural that any user who has come to the search engine to get the solution of the problem on that website will find the solution to that problem in that page.
 And the hope is also that the information he will get will be of high quality because this information is on the first rank, but have you ever thought that what will be the reason that a website is shown on the first rank on the answer to a question, so let's go through this article.
I know this certainly, the website which will be on the first rank, the chances of the user going to the second or third rank or the website ranking after that, the website you are on the first rank will be more, it will be less.

A question arises on this that why does Google show a site on the first page? What kind of article should be written for this that Google will show on the first page?
So let's understand -
For any of our websites to come on the first page, it has to be ensured that search engine optimization has been done completely in it. Which article deserves to be ranked on the first page Making any article SEO friendly increases the chances of our website coming on the first rank, so let's understand that such
How to make an SEO friendly article or what steps can be taken to do this

1. Having Quality Content is Most Important-

 On any topic you want your website to rank clearly, the article written about that topic on your website should be excellent so that your website ranks on that particular topic your website has given complete information about that topic and the topics around it. Along with quality content, make a list of keywords similar to Office to make the article SEO friendly and include them in your content.

2. Try to make good backlinks -

 Surely you must know what a backlink is, we tell you once more if your website is linked to a reputable website or from any other place, then Google feels that there is something good in your website. Users are being told about you by people or through reputable websites. In this way, mentioning the link of your website's page in your website by any other website is called giving backlink.
If a backlink is taken by you from a reputable website, a link to this page is given inside another page on your website, then in this way, your website becomes more SEO friendly, its chances of ranking in Google increase. go

3. Keeping the website organized and beautiful-

 If you want to make your website SEO friendly, then you have to pay attention that the structure of your website being well organized and the content being written correctly.
it looks good Google's bots come to visit your website and the user experience will also be good for your website, then Google or search engine will show your website on the first rank.

4. Site Speed ​-

 Along with the website being SEO friendly, it is also important that its speed is good, if the user comes to the website and the website takes more time to load, it spoils its experience, then Google or the search engine will eventually slow down the website. will bring down So along with your website SO, also pay attention to the speed of your website.

5. Optimize the photos to be used on the website -

 Always use a good container as well as photos and videos on your website which helps the user to understand the point.
Note that whenever you use a photo, you make sure to use keywords in ALT tags, this makes it easier for Google's bots to understand what the entire content is about and what the photo used is about. Which makes your website more SEO friendly and its chances of ranking on the search engine increase.

6. Choose the right keywords -

 Whenever you want to make the website SEO friendly, then on whichever keyword you are writing and want to rank it, do not keep more than 1% in the whole article, use it in the title, use it in the meta description as well as the whole Use similar keywords in the article, which is also called LSI keyword, so that your article ranks on similar keywords as well.

7. Make the article shareable and unique

Even after making the article well, improve it further, make something like this, after reading it, share it with others, try to give good information in it, make it a little different and unique from the article of others. Creating a unique article is the authority of your website. and your website google or Increase your chances of ranking on search engines.

conclusion -

In this article, we have tried to give complete information about how to make an article SEO friendly,  we have tried to give you accurate information which is useful for you.
If you like the article then comment and share with us if you have any questions.

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